Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's All In the Details

This is week 3 at Project Run and Play and the theme was "It's All In the Details" leaving a wide scope to play. The PRP blog said this, "Just a few carefully placed details can change the look of an entire outfit (taking clothing from drab and ordinary to something special and extraordinary.) And let's face it details are fun to add... it's like icing on the cake!" I had to quote them since I could not have said it better and couldn't agree more.
Before this season of PRP began and I had decided I would sew along for the whole season this time I decided I would be sewing for my 3 year old. She follows direction {most of the time} and likes the camera {most of the time} and is home all the time so it would be easier to make alterations and do the photo shoot during the day. But Coley Girl has been so excited about PRP. She has gone with me the past couple of weeks to take pictures. She always wants to know what I am sewing, where I will take pictures, etc that I decided to use her this week. Last week we talked about potential places to take pictures and we talked about maybe doing some with our neighbors horse so the blouse I was going to be making became her cowgirl shirt.
I enjoy a simple style and do simple sewing but I love a special detail! I used a simple A-line shape for this blouse and a similar sleeve detail as I used on the cuff of the Good Neighbor dress.

I added vintage lace to the bottom of the blouse and cotton eyelet to the bottom of the skirt. The skirt fabric came from the feed sack/30's reproduction section of a local quilt store. I added ties to the blouse to help define the shape.

Then there are pintucks and vintage buttons.

Next to using vintage patterns, vintage notions are my favorite and something I look for at antique and thrift stores.

The best part is she likes the outfit and it is one she can wear often this spring and summer.
Yes, details are like icing on the cake!! Whether it be buttons, hand stitching, applique, ruffles, lace , or whatever is your preference.

p.s. and to make those pin tucks I refashioned a men's tuxedo shirt.When I saw it at the thrift store a couple of months back it had to come home with me :). Refashioning this shirt was fun! I had enough fabric to make the sleeve ruffles and ties but used store bought bias tape around the neckline. Once again there has been some amazing clothing sewn up this week!! Check it out here.


  1. It is so gently!!! Really: buttons and lace made a great job! YOU made great job again!!! Really so nice outfit for summer time :) Gina, have a great time! :) J.

  2. You definitely nailed the details on this one! Love the addition of the vintage lace and the eyelet. Beautiful work as always!

  3. The blouse is so detailed and feminine! Love it! Isn't it nice when your children are so interested in your passions that they want to be involved? Fun!

  4. Very cute!! Your kids are adorable.

  5. Gina,
    I just love this, the colors, the simplicity of the fabrics. It gives it a real country vibe. The details are all perfect and tastefully done!
    Great Job Momma!
    with love,

  6. Hello Gina, this is so beautiful, and looks so elegant on your daughter. I love the vintage influence too. Thanks for commenting on my raincoat :-)

  7. oh thank goodness you didn't have to sew all those pintucks! that would have taken crazy forever. I love the look of pintucks, but don't enjoy doing them.
    I really love the gentle pleated detail around the armholes.

  8. Lol, I was reading through with my mouth open that you had made all those pintucks! But then I got to the end ;) It's a beautiful blouse still! I'll take one in my size please!!!

  9. Me too!! I love vintage sewing ANYTHING! Love the tiny lace on the bottom of her tuxedo top! What a cute refashion:) the skirt is lovely & you took great photos!

  10. Oh gorgeous outfit! So impressed at how you repurposed a shirt into such a sweet oufit! Beautiful model too! Love that she's so interested in what you're making!

  11. I was wondering about the pintucks through the whole post too. This outfit is so stunning in the simplicity of it! Love it!

  12. I love this outfit! At the same time simple but with lots of nice detail.
    Great work!

  13. This is so pretty! Love the fabrics, and lace was the perfect addition.