Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just doing My Part...

... to bring dropped waists back. This week (week 2) over at Project Run and Play the theme is Riley Blake chevrons. I love and have used chevrons in home dec items but I have not used them in clothing. When the themes were first announced I considered skipping this week. I had ideas right away for all the other weeks but this week kind of stumped me. Then I decided I had to do this week because it would be a true challenge.   Would not be right for me to take the "fun" challenges and not the hard one, right?

Chevrons are a bold, strong print and can stand well all on their own so I decided not to mix in any other prints. My favorite item of clothing I have seen made from chevrons for kids is a maxi dress. Last month the girls over at Simple Simon and Co. had "You Can't Judge an Ugly Pattern by it's Cover" party, which was a very fun party! Some where along the way liZ or Elizabeth made the prediction that dropped waists would be making a come back. I had been wanting to make one of my dropped waist vintage patterns and figured this to be a good opportunity.

I used McCall's 8435. In little parenthesis on the front cover {which is adorable} it says: (not suitable for chubby girls). The pattern is a size 5 and the bodice just fit my 3 1/2 year old perfectly. I usually like her dresses to hit at the knees or just below but looking at these photos it looks too long and I think it would look more like a dropped waist if the dress was above the knee. 

We ran out after dinner tonight to snap these photos as the forecast is for rain tomorrow;  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to take photos tomorrow.

We "modernized" the look with  a glittered belt but it is too heavy and weighs the belt loops down so I will be making a fabric belt. The chevrons look wonky from sitting in the car and from this angle but they truly line up. I may have made the skirt portion of the dress twice to make sure they were lined up. I like wonky quilts, but not wonky dresses. :)
For the bodice I used this white cotton print I had in my stash. It has embossed diamonds which forms a surrounding chevron pattern.
Just for fun here is a snapshot of the pattern cover. The pattern used a zipper in the back but I opted for buttons.

It was unanimous, among my 4 girls, that the best part of the dress was the hand made buttons. ( I used Riley Blake's line The Sweetest Thing for the buttons). There is good reason for the expression "cute as a button" because, really,  what is cuter than a button? It is usually the small details in which we find delight. I would encourage you to head on over to PR&P and check out all the other chevron inspiration!


  1. Oh sweet dress! Fab work on getting those chevrons to line up!

    Your little gal looks gorgeous in her dress!

  2. Another fantastic dress! She looks perfect... and i'm with your girls on this, the buttons are adorable!

  3. What an adorable dress! I think the buttons look so much better than a zipper would have. Great job!

  4. What a sweet little dress! I love the pattern you used. I have several vintage patterns but haven't the guts to use them yet. I hear they are really hard!! I love this post!

  5. Great dress! I love the simple details like the chevrons lining up and the buttons.

  6. super sweet dress pattern ~ that is so funny that they used to put not suitable for chubby girls on them

  7. So lovely dress, Gina!! I really admire you for your sewing skills! And I agree: the buttons look so nice! Your little girl looks very pretty! :) J.

  8. I'm on board! Bring back the drop waist!!! I love them. (I even have one cut out for my little girl...I just haven't sewn it up yet!)