Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Labels, a Little How To

I do not put a label on everything I make but sometimes a label or tag make a nice finishing touch. If you sell handmade items you can do a search on Etsy and there are many places to find custom made labels. There are options between printed or woven but it seems a lot of the labels are made on twill. Having a custom label will give your hand made item a special and polished touch; it also serves as a little advertisement.

Since I do not sell items I just put together a little hand made label and have done it a couple of different ways. I have never photographed my process so instead of being a how to this is more of a how I did it. Labels are something that can be as simple or as complicated as you like. For the Quiet book that I made my daughter a couple of years ago I took a piece of canvas and stamped it with an acrylic stamp and StazOn ink (which is permanent) and then wrote on the tag with a Sharpie. I cut it with pinking shears so there would be no fraying then simply stitched around the shape to attach it to the book cover. Since this is not an item that would ever be washed this was plenty secure and would not come off.

I wanted the label on the pillow to be durable enough to withstand washing. I was too lazy to get the canvas out of a rubbermaid tub that it is kept in so I reached for muslin on the shelf. I cut about a 4x6 rectangle then pressed a piece of Wonder Under (heat and bond works well too) to the back. I used my Top Note die and ran it through my Sizzix machine to cut the label shape. I was going to stamp the sewing machine on this label, too, but came across the house stamp and opted to use it instead. I stamped it on the fabric with a light colored ink then embroidered it. Fun!! This is a gift so above the house I embroidered "To your house from mine {heart Gina}" along with the month and date. Next, I pressed the label onto the pillow back (before the pillow was stitched together). Lastly, I ran a stitch around the edges, mostly for decorative purposes but it does give it a little added security.

Although I do not have a photo I have also used twill ribbon ( i think it was 1/2"-5/8" wide) and stamped to:/from: and a little heart or decorative icon then stitched it down also.


  1. I got you email before I saw the post :) we should open etsy shops! Maybe you could sell your extra stuff to pay for sons college textbooks lol! I keep saying ill open one...go get your store name in case you want one later :)

  2. Wow, Gina, great idea for hand made labels. So nice result! :) I hope you have a joyful day :) Jola

  3. Great idea for labels. I'm so slack on remembering to add labels to things I make!