Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday- It's Official; Bye Bye Baby, Hello Toddler

Next week my Baby will turn 2 which will mark the end of an era.

Her age will no longer be counted in months but will be referred to in years.
The growth and development that happens over the first two years of life is nothing less than amazing.
Infants are completely dependent for all of their needs. Everything they do is pretty much reflex. They sleep, eat, fill up their diapers. Sleep, eat, fill up their diapers.

Then, little by little they gain muscle strength and control. They begin to hold their head up and move their hands with intention.

Before you know it they can sit up {with a little help from a Bumbo} and start gnawing on everything they can reach.

They become engaged in conversation and capture you in their world. Everyone wants to make the baby smile because it fills up your heart and makes you smile too.

They add a little cereal to their diet along with the formula.

Then they get some teeth 

When you are the youngest of 6 you want to keep up with your brothers and sisters starting at a very young age.

In order to catch up with those brothers and sisters you decide crawling is not fast enough; so you begin the journey to walking. 

Along the way you discover that not everyone likes to share.

You keep right on eating, sleeping, growing, learning... 

Then one day you can stand all by yourself.

The next day you are driving a (Princess) Jeep. Mostly because your sisters insist on pulling you along where ever they go. You are o.k. with that though because you want to keep up with them.

There's more eating.

More growing. 

More playing.

More learning.

There are things that are special to you like a blankie.

More growing.

More learning and discovery. Maybe a little mischief along the way.
Reading and stories open up even more learning and vocabulary skills.
Then little by little the baby infant and baby melt away...

And in her place is a sweet little girl...

who is now a toddler. Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are definitely the cherry on top of our family and we love you lots!!


  1. Okay, someone pass me a tissue please...
    Seriously, a little teary over here. What a beautiful post Gina!

  2. I know! Ready here too! I just experienced a flashback from pregnancy to birth til now...I'm going to get the photo albums out! I miss my baby now, I'm gonna give her a big hug when she gets home from school!

  3. What a beautiful retrospective of your youngest daughter. Some of those photos capture such a specific emotion or point in time. Happy Birthday Miss sure are loved.

  4. Gina, your photo story is amazing! Your sweet daughter is amazing!!!! (like her older sisters) Happy birthday to your cute toddler and have a wonderful weekend! Jola

  5. Oh beautiful post G. Love all the pictures of your darling girl! Hope she has the most wonderful birthday!