Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not So Much Work in Progress

Today's post is mostly for my memory keeping :). Last week Erik was gone with his class on their Senior trip and Sam was gone with his 8th grade class to Ecology camp. They both had a great time away! I kind of had a mini vacation having 4 kids at home instead of 6. I sure did miss the boys but there was less laundry and cooking to do. I was able to clean 4 closets and washed everyone's blankets and bedspreads and a few other little jobs that always seem to be pushed aside. Sam came home from his class trip a day early as he had a 3 day basketball tournament that we had to travel to. It was the AAU season finale. There were over 1000 teams that competed in the tournament. The main part of the tournament was held in a convention center where they created 50 basketball courts. They also used about 15 or so other locations so there were probably close to 100 courts. Between the blue courts and the horrible lighting it was hard to get a decent photo. needless to say it was basketball heaven and we had fun. I had put together a hand sewing project but it never made it to the car so I went for 5 days without sewing. Even if I had taken the hand sewing there wasn't any time to work on it. I had 2 nieces, a nephew, and friends playing in the tournament as well so it seemed we were always on the go. 

I started working on the borders for my Christmas quilt last week and it took me yesterday and today to get them on, reminding me that I don't really like to add borders.

I have some Ruby (by Bonnie and Camille) flannel that  I am going to piece for the back, then baste, and I will have almost 6 months to do the hand quilting as I would like to have this finished for Christmas. Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time - even without sewing! ;)

    I don't love adding borders either - but yours look fabulous!

  2. Wow, your quilt in progress looks really so pretty!

    It nice to read about your 5 days in the basketball heaven :)

    Have a great time! Jola

  3. A great kick off to summer! A vacation is 4 kids?!! I admire you so much! I get overwhelmed with a couple lol

  4. I don't know how i missed this post Gina! Your borders look awesome! Can't wait to see the start of your quilting!

  5. Every time I read one of your posts, I am so glad you began blogging so that I can see your adorable and talented kids and to awe in amazement at all the wonderful projects you have going on!