Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cutting, Free Motion Quilting, and Happy Mail

I have accomplished a little sewing this week but before I get to that I have to show you what came in the mail yesterday. I received a surprise package from Australia. Sweet Kristy completely spoiled me just because she is nice that way. She had made herself a little mini awhile back with this phrase and it was a phrase that completely stuck with me and could relate to. Sewing truly does keep me sane. She used all my favorite colors, a strawberry in one of the prints, and rulers, which i love too. It could not be more perfect!

For the back she used a great matching rainbow chevron and fancy corners for hanging.

That's not all she sent. She also sent some fun fabric. Cupcakes, text, Japanese prints, Simply Color, all kinds of goodies. Over on the right peeking out from the fabric is a beautiful card she made. I am very blessed and have the most thoughtful, sweet friends!
Speaking of sweet friends I must also mention Amy. She sent me some beautiful prints she carries in her Etsy shop Pinked Fabrics a month or so ago. The pretty Lecien rose print i am using as a border in my Christmas quilt came from her. I hope I can bless my friends half as much as they bless me!

One of the things I wanted to try this year was free motion quilting. I watched a video on You Tube by the Missouri Quilt Company and then about 6 videos by Leah Day and then started quilting away. I chose to do a doodly loopy loop. It was fun and a learning experience. This quilt is about 69x74 (or close to that) and I would not want to tackle anything bigger. There are uneven stitches but for my first try I am happy with it. It is definitely a technique that requires practice and I am looking forward to doing more free motion. Along with the loops over the main blocks of the quilt I did a loopy scroll on the Lecien rose print and then some straight lines on the gray polka dot.

I had planned to use a Ruby print for the binding but didn't have enough so I am going with a similar print from Bonnie and Camille's Happy Go Lucky line. I have the binding ready and just need to put it on. I will be doing some hand quilting on the sashing between now and Christmas.

The backing is made from snuggly Ruby flannel. It is hodgepodge as when I was done the 1st time  the back was not quite big enough. I found some flannel scraps from robes I had made the twins so I added a strip to the bottom and one side to enlarge it. 
I have cut up  Field Study and Essex linen for my next quilt. I need another yard of linen but have enough to get started and have another paper piecing project I would like to start. Definitely no shortage of projects here! 


  1. Your loops look awesome!...Hmm You Tube videos eh? I should have maybe tried that. Your quilt looks awesome from what i can see, can't wait to see it finished!
    Cute mini from Kristy, and fabrics! you lucky gal!
    Excited to see the HRT's with the FS and linen!!

  2. So glad the mini made it safely and you like it! :)

    I think your FMQ is just fantastic! Well done you for giving it a go and doing such a fab job on it!

  3. Oh, Gina, you are busy woman!!! The free quilting is so nice!!! And yes, of course, the mini quilt is so nice too! Have a good time with your projects :) Jola

  4. Happy you! Your fmq looks great! It is on my to-learn list also! I can't wait to see your summery Christmas quilt all finished up!

  5. Gina, you are well deserving of special gifts!! And that Happy Go Lucky print I plan on buying up on in the different colours because it's the perfect binding fabric!