Monday, June 10, 2013

Life Lately {in photos}

Trying to keep feeding my small army simple. I am dubbing this my potluck Bento lunch. Everybody loves it and it has been working without plates. Bonus!! to have less dishes. Things like blueberies and olives are great and don't require chopping :)

Lots of pool time and water play. Temperatures this past week have ranged from 103-112. Hot, hot, hot!!

Visits from out of town friends.

My next quilt. i bought this fabric from Amanda's shop. I love the colors of Field Study; hope I can do it justice! 

Root beer floats are a special treat but lots of popsicles are consumed daily. 

This little Cheesy Mouse is one of Kristy's newest patterns. I love it!! i think the mouse is so cute and all of Kristy's patterns have a certain charm. it came together quickly. I went for a short cut that didn't work so well. Her pattern uses different shades of yellow to highlight the swiss cheeses holes (one of which the mouse is peeking through). i thought I would out smart the pattern and use polka dots for the holes...but there isn't really a defined hole for Mousy to peek through. The twins have a birthday party in 2 weeks so i will turn this block into a little tote...if i can get the block away from my daughter who has claimed it as hers. I will definitely be making this block again. I had to use some Nursery Versery in this block too. You can go to Kristy's post to see how pattern testers put their blocks together and see what kind of paper piecing people have been up to in her weekly link up. I highly recommend this cute little mouse pattern!!

My baby has been piling up all her blankets for a pillow for awhile now. Now that she is 2 I figured she was ready for a regular small pillow so a couple of pillow cases were in order. She loves lady bugs and the little strawberries are the softest flannel that I bought at JoAnn's eons ago.
And last but not least, some garden goodness. Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun over at your place! Those are our favorite meals, Sammy loves being able to pick and choose what he wants.
    Your cheese block is adorable! I love the use of the HR print, it makes a wonderful tablecloth!
    And some lovely little pillow cases there, which reminds me that i should whip up a couple more for Sam.
    Excited to see what comes of your delicious Field Study stack :)

  2. I love everything about this post! From the veggies to the root beer, total awesomeness.

  3. Your house feels like my house! I borrowed some extra kids today for a pool party. Is that your produce? I have lots of tomatoes, but all still green. Ive hardly had to even water them, we got rain almost every evening for over a week. It's week is supposed to be scorching!

  4. Beautiful photos as always G :) You have a real talent for photography!

    I love how your mouse block turned out - so sweet! Perfect for a tote!

  5. Looks like you're having lots of fun in the heat! The mouse block is so cute, I think the polka dots work really well :-)

  6. Oh, so nice pics, Gina!! I love the vegetable and fruit snacks too :) So many nice things: block with little mouse (cuuute!!), nice fabrics... And sooo nice tomatoes!!!! Our tomato plants have only the first flowers! :)
    Have a great week!! Jola :)

  7. Wonderful! I just love all the little hands in the first picture! You definitely have got it goin' on!!!

  8. A lovely collection of summery photos - lovely fabric too!