Monday, July 8, 2013

Bee Blocks and Basketball

This month for our Cheer Circle of do.Good Stitches Claire asked us to make 2 blocks using  this tutorial from Badskirt.

The first block took me awhile to do as I had to keep looking at the directions.

The second block took about an hour as I didn't need to refer to the directions. It is a really fun block to make and allows for a lot of variation. I am looking forward to seeing how the quilter puts them altogether.

In other news our trampoline has been getting quite a work out. We had a trampoline when the boys were younger but it has been a few years that we have been without one. We bought another to use as an excess energy burner for our 3 year old but knew that all the kids would enjoy it. I thought the girls would get the most use.
It seems the boys have been enjoying it as much as the girls have. I had to laugh when I noticed Sam going to the backyard to jump every night and apparently the boys have been having epic basketball wars. Who knew!? It's always fun to see kids play no matter how big they get :). Hope your week is off to a fun start!!


  1. :) I'm not ready for summer to end...

  2. Lol exactly the same happened here when we bought a new trampoline for our 6 year old, the big kids are having just as much fun with it as he is. Of course it helped that hubbie ordered one that was a bit bigger than he meant to, takes up half the garden.

  3. Awesome blocks Gina! Love the pearl bracelet one!
    I wish we had room in our yard for a trampoline... Sammy loves them!

  4. Your planes turned out great - very sweet!

    Aren't trampolines the best! Awesome that all the kids are loving it!