Friday, July 26, 2013

Flashback Friday - I'm Dreaming of Vacation

This was one of my favorite vacations. We travelled quite a bit as a family of four; the boys were easy travelers.

We choose beach over pool every time.

It was our first visit to Kauai.

We went on a helicopter ride to see the island. So much of the island is not accessible by car. It was gorgeous, and pretty cold. The helicopter had no doors so you had a better view so the wind was whipping through giving us crazy hair!

We weren't sure what Super Sam would think about it; he was a little guy. I don't like heights and was nervous but knew I couldn't let him know that. Have you ever had one of those parent moments where you knew you needed to be brave for your child only to find out they are braver than you? Erik chatted the pilots ear off asking any and every question he could. That's the intercom thing in his hand and he never passed it to anyone else. Fun times; i wish my boys were still this little.

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. What great photos G! Looks like such a fabulous time - look at those big grins on the boys' faces. Great memories - they grow up way too fast don't they.

  2. Oh, that looks like it was a fun one! The shot of them up to their necks in sand... priceless! And the helicopter ride, my Sam would be playing the role of Erik, non stop questions to the pilot! I love your Flashback Fridays!

  3. It is really funny to see your boys as the little children :) So nice pics! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!! Jola

  4. Oh wow! You know, they had helicopter rides on the 4th of July at a carnival...we couldn't get Bella to do it to save our lives!!

    I love the pic where they are buried :)

    Sexy car!!!

  5. I sometime hope to get there. So pretty!

  6. That must have been an amazing holiday, such wonderful scenery! It's great that you have those memories and the photos.