Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday: Fabulous Four

A certain little Miss will be celebrating a birthday this weekend.

You came into our lives and it was as if you had always been there. Then the toddler years came and your personality emerged.

You are as much spice as you are sugar :)
You keep us on our toes and keep us all laughing.
So, 4 things about you on your 4th birthday: 1. a few of your favorite things include books (fairy tales), your ABC cards, outside time and pasta. 2. we have quite a few nick names for you. One of them might be Dennis the Menace 3. You are a definite leader, not a follower and you have no qualms giving directions to anyone whether they are 5, 12, or 80. 4. You started pre school a week ago and you love it. You have made friends and look forward to going for 3 hours every day. Happy Birthday Strawberry Girl, we love you with all of our hearts!!    xxoo

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Plugging Along

The kids are back in school and we are settling into a new routine. I am plugging away on my fairy tale quilt and have finished all the "story" blocks and am working on some "book" blocks. Hansel and Gretel's candy house was made by Marieka. When it arrived the girls thought it looked so yummy they wanted to eat it. They can spot a bee block envelope now and are just as excited as I am to open it!

Here is Jack climbing up the beanstalk. He was a fun block to put together and I think was the quickest bock I made. Jack and the Beanstalk is a favorite story around here.

I had a hard time choosing colors for Snow White. I had just ordered the pretty Japanese floral from  Alyce and it was blue so that was where I started. Kristy had pointed out the Snow White text print so I wanted to work some of that in too. I will be sashing using a text print so I didn't want to use the Snow White text for the shutters or cottage so it had to go behind her which washes out her flesh toned face and hands. I am wondering if a little hand stitching around her face and hands might pop them out a bit. If it doesn't I can always tear out the stitches. Then I embroidered some flowers in the planter below her and the apple stem. It is a bit of a dark block with all the brown but she seems to mix with the other blocks just fine.

Can you guess what fairy tale this is? Yes, that is an Ugly Duckling mixed in with the cute yellow ones. This was another pretty simple block but it took me scads of time since I used a directional print and wanted all the waves pointing up. The blue and ray were difficult to photograph.
I remade these 2 blocks after I talked to Karen. I had used StazOn ink on the first set of blocks because it is a permanent ink but I didn't think about whether or not it was archival safe. After consulting Google I found out it is possible this ink may break down the fabric fiber. I don't want this quilt to end up with holes in it at some point in the future so I have remade them and am only using fabric safe ink on them this round as remaking what I have already done is not a favorite thing to do, but holey quilts are not my favorite either :). 

I used a little gold fabric paint and am currently working on the embroidery then I will do a little stamping. Every block pattern in todays post was drawn up by the fabulous Kristy to whom I will always be indebted!! Happy Wednesday!! Have fun checking out all the other works-in-progress over at Freshly Pieced.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bee Blocks and Paper Piecing Party

Paper Piecing Party

Flashback Friday will return next week as I am linking up to the paper piecing party today. This month for our Cheer Circle at do.Good Stitches we were asked for string blocks in green and blue {and somehow I skipped the part that said we could add a dash of purple, so alas,  there is no purple in mine}. These were so fun to make!!

She asked for 11" blocks so i grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper, cut it down an inch on each side and started sewing. I had left over blue strips from a previous quilt which was a nice time saver. 

It was Alyce's turn to be Queen in our Wombat Stew group this month so she designed a kimono block. She asked for florals so I used some Koi prints which, I think, have a Japanese type vibe. Another fast and fun block!! Two in the same month...does that mean there is a challenge coming next month...Murphy's law, right?!? Linking up with Kristy's paper piecing party. If you want to have a good laugh you can pop over to Kristy's to read her Tale of a Pink Unicorn!! She is an awesome story teller!! Have a great weekend!! :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday: First Days of School before the First Day of High School


!st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade
5th grade
6th grade
7th grade

Next week the kids start a new school year. This year I have a freshman in college and a freshman in high school. So many firsts, so many lasts. I am a bit sad that I will not be able to take the traditional 1st day of school photo in front of the maple tree. For the past 13 years all the kids have been at the same school but we are changing things up this year and out of the 5 school age kids they will be at 4 different schools and, of course, they all have different start dates. I have to brag about my oldest; he had his first day of classes yesterday and he texted me a 1st day of school picture without me asking for it. It made my day. Actually, I think it will go down as the highlight of my week :). I love my kids lots, I really do!!! but I am looking forward to the start of a new school year :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Brought to You By the Letter "C"

College, capes, Cinderella, and castles, oh my!!! It has been a busy week so I have not done much sewing but I have had some fun mail come from my Wombat Stew friends :). We took four days and flew half way across the country to settle our oldest into his college dorm. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and have given thought to the good, bad, fun, and hard parts of motherhood but one thing I have never given much thought to is the growing up and going away part. I am counting the days until Thanksgiving when he will come home for a few days! When we returned I had some happy mail to cheer me... Little Red arrived from Lara. Sweet Kristy drew up the pattern.

I had seen Little Red online and one darling detail I had not noticed was the gold high lights in her brunette hair. I love her!

Kristy also created this Cinderella pattern for me :)  I need to embroider the bucket handle but I am saving embroidery details for the end once I have removed the paper from the backs.

As I was taking pictures of Cinderella my husband arrived home with todays mail. This arrived from Japan from Alyce along with some fabric I ordered from her etsy shop (of course it is some strawberries). I had asked the girls if they could sneak in a ladybug or strawberry that would make my girls happy. Can you spy the ladybug and Little Red in a window. Alyce designed this block and it is a biggie approximately 14x24. Definitely a castle fit for a fairy tale!!

Quilts sure do come together faster with a little help from your friends :). I am a late linker with Lee today over at  Freshly Pieced. Maybe this post could have been brought to you in part by the letter "L" too. Happy Wednesday!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Flashback Friday:The Inevitable

This boy of mine has now had three graduations: kindergarten, 8th grade, and 12th grade. We have so many good memories and, of course, of a few bumps in the road too. I always wanted to be a mom and when I imagined how it would be I thought of holidays, birthdays, vacations, and the everyday of being together. I also thought of school activities and sports, games, and their friends. 
We have come to a milestone that I never gave much thought to, although I knew the day would eventually come. The day that he goes off to college and is no longer a part of the day to day activities in our home. I am excited and happy for him as he goes into this part of adulthood to succeed and fail and learn and grow but I am kind of (well, maybe a lot) sad for me. I will miss his smiles and wrestling matches. I will miss lying in bed at night and hearing the pantry door squeak when he gets a snack. I will miss the squeaking sound of his brakes as he pulls into the garage each night. I will miss his friends. I will miss waiting up for him and our late night talks about his day. I will miss his enthusiasm. I will miss him.
So, dear son, we are proud of you and wish you the best as you leave us and are excited to see where your path will lead you. Just know that we are all here cheering for you and love you with all of our hearts. Be safe, blaze the way for your siblings, be a good example, and call home at least once a week :)                     xxooxo mom

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WIP: The Three Little Pigs

Life is very full at the moment but I did manage to complete 1more fairy tale block. Kristy designed this block and as always it came together without any difficulty.

I am having so much fun making these blocks and am starting to think about what I should use for sashing. The blocks so far seem to have a predominant blue and green theme and I think that will carry through with most of the blocks. Any one have any ideas for sashing?

Linking up with Freshly Pieced where you can check out lots of fun works in progress and find lots of inspiration :). 

And Then There Were Twelve

It was a busy weekend here, but in between parties I finished making my fussy cut squares.
They were so much fun to make! I definitely see a cushion of these in my future... maybe a quilt someday.

Thanks so much to Amanda for hosting the swap and thank you for stopping by!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hip to be Square

Flashback Friday is pre-empted this week so I can link up with Kristy's  Paper Piecing Party this week. I have admired so many beautiful swap gifts, given and received, in blogland and on Flickr. My "To sew, want to sew, would like to sew" list is big enough to fill a composition notebook so I have not participated in swaps since I have so little sewing time. But, it seems I like to participate in block swaps.

Last year when Kristy hosted the "Say Cheese, Polaroid Block Swap" I became an honorary Aussie and participated in that. Then over the past couple of weeks I have loved seeing Amanda's 4" square in square blocks. When she asked if anyone was interested in doing a block swap I didn't think twice and raised my hand right away to sign me up for that. This block has been on my to make list for quite some time so it feels good to put a line through this one on my list. I started off with a few of my favorite things like Heather Ross, Little Red, Sarah Jane, and feedsack. These little blocks will finish at 4" and are so much fun to make!! I am halfway through and have made the 1st 6. We have a busy weekend ahead with a Going Away party and a Birthday party. I hope you have a fun weekend!!
                                                          Paper Piecing Party