Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall,Strawberry Pin Cushion Swap and Other Fun Stuff

{Warning: loooooog post. If you want to see the strawberry pin cushion swap scroll to the bottom :)}September weather here is usually very hot but this year we have had warm, mixed with moderate, and even some rainfall. At the first rain drop these two grabbed their boots and umbrellas and strolled around the yard.

Autumn light is amazing. This shot was taken in my backyard but every where I go I want my camera to capture the light it is so warm and golden. I need to take the kids out to take some portraits.

Of course, light + rain = rainbows and we were treated to a double rainbow last week.

It seems more common to only see half of the rainbow but on this day we could see the whole thing. Unfortunately I do not have a lens capable of that capture so I got the 2 ends of the rainbow and the arc. Somewhere over the rainbow........... :)

I am completely spoiled; it's true!! Last week I received the beautiful package from  Jola and this week I won the vintage pattern lottery from Amy. I had seen a cute pattern on Pinterest but couldn't find the size I wanted . I knew Amy had quite a few patterns so I asked her if she happened to have the pattern I wanted. She didn't have the exact pattern but one close enough that I can easily alter it to suit my needs. Score!!! Then she said she was going to destash some patterns to her Etsy store and did I want to look at them to see if I wanted any. Amy spent a couple of days emailing me pictures of the patterns and judging from the pile of patterns up there I have no self control. Besides the patterns she sent a vintage quilting book (I hope that doesn't mean your quilting day is over Amy!!), some awesome sewing magazines, fabric bracelets and a necklace, Oklahoma City Thunder  (an NBA team) fabric because she knows I love them and one of her famous bows (she blogs at Sews N Bows!) AND can you see what is up in the top left hand corner under the OKC fabric?! why yes, I did nearly pass out when I saw it. It is the most amazing vintage strawberry fabric. Cute little berries with that small scale that is hard to find! She also send some Halloween favors that the girls must have run off with as I don't see them in the picture. And a maxi skirt for the twins which is also not in the photo because Coley Girl grabbed it and put it on and has only parted with it long enough for it to be washed and dried and then she's wearing it again. Cole thinks Amy is the nicest person and an expert! and was as tickled as I was with all the goodies :) I am very blessed! with wonderful friends!!

Can you see all that cuteness!! Thank you so much Amy, you're awesome! I need to finish some quilts so I can sew up some kid's clothes!

Some more fall shots.... fall garden,

raindrops on clover.

If you are still here , Thank you! as I am really excited about the Strawberry Pin Cushion Swap. The swap is hosted by Erin who blogs at Why Not Sew and if there was ever a swap perfect for me, this is it.

The swap is for 1 strawberry pin cushion but I was unable to make just 1. I made 5 but here are 3 of them. They are a fun make!!

I need to make a card and I have a couple more strawberry items to gather and then I will be mailing it off. (you know I have been wanting to make another one of those 3" paper pieced strawberries!!)

I received my swap today (i told you i was spoiled!). It came all the way across the U.S. from Susie. I knew I was going to love it when I took it out of the box and saw that cute alphabet ribbon! I love a type font.

When I read the note it was from someone I already was familiar with on Flickr. Susie is doing Kristy's block of the month so I have "seen" her in the Quiet Play flickr group and I had seen what she had made in the pin cushion group. I have been wanting some fabric nesting baskets and now I have 1 less to make! She also sent some pins and a key fob.

The strawberry pin cushion is beautiful! The photos do not do it justice and it is hard to see the pretty beads she stitched on there. Thank you so much Susie I really appreciate the beautiful things you sent!!


  1. Wow! You just go on and ENJOY you life !!! :) :) Super fun post Gina!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the umbrella shot :)

    Oh Susie is such a sweetheart! Looks like you scored some wonderful swap gifts from her!

  3. Wow! What a pile of awesomeness. That strawberry fabric is adorable, as is the pin cushion. Looks like you're gonna be very busy!

  4. It didn't look like that much packed in the box! Lol:) fun week, gorgeous weather- what more could anyone need:)

  5. Fabulous outdoor shots! Gorgeous rainbow. Those vintage patterns are oozing with charm : )

  6. You are so welcome, Gina! Isn't this such a fun swap to be in? Your partner will love her pincushions and goodies!

  7. Isn't that Strawberry Swap a blast? I know your partner will love her goodies, and you received a really sweet basket of cuteness, too!

  8. Love the patterns! I need to go raid my mums patterns!