Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback Friday: My First Official Scrapbook Page

I have always been a scrap booker. I consider the diary from my childhood a scrap book of sorts. After high school I organized all my class photos and report cards and a few little doo dads in one of those old magnetic albums. There were not scrap book companies then like there are today so when I went to England to visit my sister and brother in law i made a scrap book using paper paraphernalia that i gathered on the trip or wrapping paper as a background. When Creative Memories started up when my oldest was a toddler I jumped right on that band wagon. I thought it was so fun to have templates to cut photos into shapes (although that took a while to get used to. At first I did not want to cut any of the picture out, even when it wasn't a good picture). Die cuts and stickers that were theme or holiday specific were a dream come true. A few things have changed since I started keeping scrap books! I used film at first but now we are all digital. I concentrated on documenting "events" and getting as many photos as I could on a page. Now we have so many more options than just a 4x6 so quite often i will scrap one large photo and I do more every day life stuff than events, Actually it has been ions since I have made a scrap page but I have all kinds of journals and paper keepsakes like game tickets and programs of all those every day moments I would like to get documented. With all that has changed one thing has stayed the same... I ( and my family) love flipping through the scrap books and remembering moments we have forgotten. Have a good weekend!!!


  1. I've been working on getting the last 18 months of photos printed...& I'll be lucky to get them Into albums. I love scrapbooks...but there is no patience for making them. I love how detail oriented you are!!! Lovely page! Good tip about using different sizes and tickets, etc. :) happy fpweekend!

  2. While i'm not a "scrap booker" i buy and hoard the paper like it's never going to be made again! It's ridiculous how much i have and really have no idea what to do with it. The most i do is punch out shapes and sew garlands for the house for every single holiday!
    Happy weekend Gina!

  3. My mum is a scrapbooker, she made a beautiful book of my life so far ... Creative Memories have closed here is Australia and she was devastated. Is it still going in the US?

  4. I love this idea! I arranged our photos, I keep various ticket, postcards... but I say truth: I am lazy to complete our family album :(
    You make a fantastic album full of our wonderful memories! :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday :)