Friday, September 6, 2013

Flashback Friday: Summer Summary 2013

The days are still hot here but it cools down in the evening. I can tell that the sun is further away from us the way the sunlight filters through during the day and the days are definitely getting shorter. So I thought a summary of summer in photos was in order for this week. These are from my DSLR and if i can figure out how to get the pictures off my phone I might have them in this spot next week. This was a hard summer due to the kids ages. They were all busy but the youngest 2 still on a nap schedule. their Dennis the Menace-get-into mischief-antics kept me on my toes! 

Big Bento lunches were my mainstay; they kept the kids and I all happy. They were fast food, healthy style...well, mostly healthy :). Root beer floats and popsicles were the cool treats of choice.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bucket to provide an hour of entertainment.

Sam spent most of the summer up all night and sleep all day since he required a solid 12 hours of sleep. Except during basketball. Then he got up early and then would come home and face plant fall asleep on the couch or fall asleep in the chair like this. That kid could fall asleep any where.

Father's Day, this shot was just before the antics broke out. If only I could see Ellie better and Cole's eyes were open. % out of 7 looking o.k. is pretty good in my book.

I love blue skies and fluffy clouds kind of days. We were fortunate to not have any bad fires this year.

The garden did pretty good this year. The plants got so big that water wasn't getting down to the roots towards the end of summer so some of the plants have died. We have a big pumpkin that is still growing  and will be ready for Halloween.

Fashion shows and dress up were popular activities with the purple blanket acting as their runway.

These two are always ready to put on a show with their synchronized cartwheels and practicing standing on their heads.

Swing so high, touch the sky.

It was a summer of epic dunk wars on the trampoline,

Erik's All Star football game.

Cousin Will stayed for a week and we had a lot of family movie nights.

Lake time with family and friends was the best. Except for the time on my brother's birthday when my nephew split his forehead open and ended up with 14 stitches. His head hit Erik's head when they were leaving the dock. No injury to Erik. He apparently has a really hard head.

Then there was Erik's going away party and a trip to Oklahoma. School started and that to me is the unofficial end of summer. Summer you went by so quickly but we will enjoy you again next year.
Have a fun weekend!!


  1. Big bentos....what a clever idea! My girl loved it when I cut her food out with a little flower cookie cutter for lunch today. I just can't see styling a bento everyday though.

    Looks like your summer was full and lots of fun. :)

  2. Looks like it was a fantastic summer G! We were all over the bento style lunches over here too!
    That swing so high picture is just awesome, such a great shot! And i love the fashion shows! Your girls are all just too cute! Happy Weekend!

  3. Great memories and great photos too!

  4. Your girls and their cartwheels in the garden... it looks amazing! They are always in move :)
    So nice pics!!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. That tire swing is amazing! Looks like y'all had a GREAT summer! I think I'm gonna move in...between the pool, garden, and swing, I'd never leave!!

  6. Such great photos G - looks like a fabulous summer!

  7. So much activity. The view from the swing tree is delightful!

  8. I love these pics, Gina! You have such a beautiful family.The one of your son Sam catching "zzzz's" on the chair makes me smile. Such fun!

  9. Beautiful family, your pictures captured all the wonderfulness!!