Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Giving, Receiving, and Swapping (Not Necessarily in that Order)

I have a very sweet friend in the Czech Republic, Jola. I love to see her part of the world in pictures on her blog and in lovely things she shares with me. She and her family recently had a fun weekend trip to a part of her country where there is a paper mill that makes paper by hand. I love pretty paper as much as i love fabric and she sent me some paper from the mill she visited. That was such a fun surprise for me!! The paper has such a lovely texture and some pretty embossing too. I may use some of these to create some cards but i like to use them as is to jot a note to someone. Yes, Jola is very thoughtful  :) 

That is not all she sent. She also sent some beautiful strawberry fabric and some ribbon tapes. The larger strawberries and dots is a Czech fabric and the teeny tiny strawberries are Japanese. I can't wait to use them in a project and know their scale will work well in paper piecing projects. Jola uses pretty tapes to give a special finish to her projects so these will be fun to use!!. It was a little like Christmas opening this package!Don't you love the fun stamps she puts on the envelope too? I always keep the postmarks and stamps that come from foreign countries; it's almost as fun as getting a stamp in my passport...almost :). Thank you so much dear Jola!!

I participated in a fussy square block swap and these are the blocks I got back. One day they will turn into a cushion but that is a ways down on the to do list. I don't do a lot of swaps but I definitely enjoy doing one every now and then.

This pretty Mermaid block came from Jane. I think this Mermaid is so pretty (the block was designed by Kristy) and Jane chose perfect fabrics. I have received all the blocks from the Wombat Stew girls so the rest is up to me. I have a goal to have my fairy tale quilt top together next week. There, I said it out loud so now I am committed!! I love this quilt and have loved working on it but I am wanting to start some other projects but won't allow myself to until this one is wrapped up.

I found these fun dish towels at Target over the weekend. I have seen some beautiful ones in this style on Etsy and love them so when I saw these they were hard to resist. I can't decide if I am going to use them or cut them up into a project. I will probably use them since I don't often make seasonal projects  although the apple can be used throughout the year. I think it would be fun to make towels using these as inspiration.

Lastly, I am to the giving part of this post. Turns out September is a busy birthday month for my friends! Kristy's birthday was early in the month, then my best friend's birthday was on the 11th (i never forget her birthday since it is such a memorable day in our history), and Jola celebrated a birthday last week. I am behind on getting Lisa and Jola''s gifts made but I will be seeing Lisa this weekend which is good incentive to get things done.

I saw a trivet similar to this on Pinterest and had to make one right away. Hexies are a fun little addition to any project. I backed this with the same DS fabric as the tea towel and bias cut gingham is always a favorite for binding.

Two presents down, one to go. Do you have a go to gift you like to make?


  1. Ooh you've been busy! Love the sweet hexie trivet - it looks great!

    And yay for surprise parcels - especially filled with so much goodness!

  2. I'm with Kristy, that trivet is gorgeous! Love the script print!
    And the tea towel is super cute with the bit of lace!
    What a fantastic gift from your friend, and an awesome mermaid block... you've been getting some great mail!

  3. Lots of good stuff there! Can't wait to see the fairy tale blocks together. They are all spectacular! It makes me happy every time I see the Little Mermaid blue ray commercial. It brings back fond memories as it was Julia's favorite movie when she was little. I might need to piece this block for her to go with the new video.

  4. I think squishy mail is the best! Your gifts are lovely and yes hexies are great!

  5. What a lovely surprise in the post! I'm in love with the mermaid block and the string of pearls through her hair :) Must try hexies one day - they are on my to-do list (promise).

  6. Your blocks for pillow case are very very nice!!! And new block with mermaid... cute! And the presents - the tea towel and the trivet... you prepared very very nice surprise!!! :)
    And - I am really so happy, that the package arrived to you. It was really very long trip (12th August !!!!)
    Jola *

  7. Oooooh, an international package is so much fun! How sweet of her.
    Lucky for me, I need some new dishtowels and now I know just where to find them.
    Your trivet is so adorable. I would hate to get it dirty!

  8. So much eye candy! I love the red fabric she cut for the mermaids hair. Looks like pearls. That's the kind of neat thing I love about quilting!

    Funny, I'm revamping some dollar store kitchen towels and potholders now! I am trying to do fall projects too...although I prefer to make them from scratch, I don't want to use my good stuff on a seasonal project. I'm stingy with myself I guess?!

    It's always fun seeing what craziness you are getting into!

  9. hehe, coasters! But am now hooked on those little bracelets as well! Love all the goodies! you and your strawberries :)

  10. what a treat you got in the mail! those teeny tiny strawberries are super adorable :)

  11. I love all of that gorgeousness! You know I think of you every. single. time. I see strawberry or ladybug fabric!?!?!? lol xx