Monday, September 16, 2013

Paper Piecing Paper Pieced Pieces aka September Blocks

The Queen for this month in Wombat Stew is Kristy and she has chosen a fun Garden theme.  I asked her for a turtle pattern and I had it stuck in my head that his shell should be made of hexagons. She came up with a cute pattern (she always does!!)!! To make the hexies I printed out a hexagon template onto freezer paper (if i remember correctly these were 7/8"). I ironed the freezer paper onto the fabric then pressed the sides of the fabric around the template. Once the shape was made i gave it a good press and starch. I thought this would be a bit faster than hand basting and i think it was. 

Next I laid out my hexies to cover the shell area on the pattern and then stitched them together. The shell is the first piece to go down in that section of the pattern so it is surrounded by other fabric. That makes for a few options when doing the shell. You could keep it simple and use a solid piece of fabric or do embroidery, etc. I embroidered his eyes and mouth. Since her theme is garden and she had suggested having a strawberry in her garden he is strolling through the berry patch :)

Next up are my do.Good Stitches blocks. The pattern is out of the book 99 Modern Blocks and is called Free Wheeling by Natasha Bruecher. Thankfully it is paper pieced so I was right at home making this block.

The quilter requested scrappy with lime green, purple, and orange surrounded by low volume prints.

She wanted the 2 blocks to have the low volume/color placement  reversed.  Scrappy- check. colorful-check. Low volume- check. I will be popping these in the mail this week.

Lastly, I made the last block in Kristy's block of the month And Sew On group. I debated about putting a night owl and stars in the window since i typically sew at night but i would much rather see blue skies, a happy sun, and some puffy white clouds. This was such a fun group to sew along with and each block had so many fun details!! I haven't quite decided what to do with these blocks. I need to give it some thought but I think I am leaning towards a mini for my sewing room. Happy Monday!


  1. So much loveliness G! I absolutely adore the turtle! Can't wait to see him in person!! Perfect!

    Your sewing room looks fantastic - love that there's a strawberry in one of your picture frames too!

  2. The turtle kills me!!! He's so cute! I wonder if he could go on the fairy tale quote, the turtle and the hare is a good fable....

    And I love the sewing room too! These are so neat. These crazy pieced patterns are what make me want to quilt!

  3. Gina, everythink is sooo nice!! The turtle looks really cheerful. Nice job! And sewing room... great!!!

    Have a wonderful creative time :)


  4. So much awesomeness Gina! Your turtle for Kristy is the most adorable turtle i've ever seen! And your sewing room is beautiful! I love the morning sunshine window, and the hung strawberry! And i think making a mini for your sewing room out of all the And Sew On blocks would be perfect!

  5. Your paper piecing is so creative and you choose such great fabrics. The turtle and sewing room look amazing.

  6. Love, love, love ... these are the only words I can utter when looking at your blocks :)

  7. Beautiful blocks! I love the strawberry grass!

  8. Where can I get that turtle pattern - it's adorable!