Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flashback Friday: Fall 2011

We visit a lot of fields in the Fall. Erik's favorite field was the one that involved football.

Even though we grow a pumpkin in our garden every year we love to visit the pumpkin patch. This particular year it was close to 90 degrees and holds the record for the warmest day at the Patch.

Carving pumpkins is a favorite activity for everyone at our house and has come to mean power tools. we always carve the pumpkins out on the front porch. 

This year we had a butterfly,

a sweet lamb,

a 60's girl and a sheep dog.

We do not get many fall colors here in California so we planted a red maple in our front yard. It is my favorite tree.

Lastly, a pretty autumn sunset. Wishing you a fun filled weekend :)


  1. Beautiful! Growing up in Queensland, I had no idea what Autumn (Fall) was like. And when we moved to Melbourne when I was 15, driving all the way down the East coast of Australia smack bang in the middle of the season, I was amazed at the colours of the trees the further South we went. I still adore Autumn and its beautiful colours now!

  2. Fantastic photos Gina! Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, love the changing leaves! And what a fantastic collection of costumes! Cutest fuzzy butterfly ever! I finally picked up what i need for Sammy's costume last night, fingers crossed i get the alterations done on time!

  3. Lovely memories Gina. The lamb costume is adorable :)

  4. Gina, I really so much love your family pics!!!! The costumes are awesome!! And pumpkins... oh, they are really part of autumn!
    Have a wonderful time!!! Jola

  5. Lovely memories, Gina! Football and pumpkins and a fabulous parade of costumed sweeties! All the best parts of the season! Have a great weekend!