Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How the Fairy Tale Became a Fish Tale

You know the fisherman tales where with each time the story is told the fish gets bigger and bigger and the story more exciting? Well, that is what has happened to my fairy tale/Wombat Stew quilt. Last week I added 4 more blocks and I thought I was so close to being finished; I needed to make 2 more blocks and I would be done. I had dreams of showing you a quilt top today. But instead, the story has grown and I still need to make 3 more blocks.

Over the weekend I laid the quilt out on the floor and it was going to finish at 94 1/2" long and I think around 54" wide. I had a quilter's consult with Kristy and Nicole and they confirmed my worst fears: changing the layout of the quilt would balance out the height to width ratio but I need to make 2 more blocks I did not plan on making. They are the stacked book blocks to fill the top and bottom rows and are very simple to make but choosing fabric for them is hard! I have made it this far so can't stop now!! So, hopefully, barring any disasters like being swallowed by a whale or something I will complete this top by next week! Lucky you can now make a fairy tale cushion or quilt or anything of your own as Kristy has listed these patterns in her Craftsy shop. Be forewarned, one may lead to another and then another and before you know it you will be the owner of an epic Tale!!! On with the book parade:
A row of books,

followed by another row of books,

and another, 
oh yes, another,

and the last book stack.Well almost; I need to make 2 more :).

Aladdin's lamp was a fun block to make. I had a hard time deciding on fabric. In the end I sent one of my 8 year olds to choose fabric. She chose the tile type print for the floor but she couldn't decide on the background. I was vacuuming and it hit me I should use Constellations.

I think Kristy did an awesome job designing Sleeping Beauty,  as well as Aladdin. She is one of my favorites ( Sleeping Beauty and Kristy). I went with a regal theme of gold and purple and of course she needed a bit of Briar Rose!

Lastly, here is a shot of the blocks completed so far. Hopefully, next week they will be all connected and easier to photograph. Be sure to head over to Freshly Pieced to see what every one else is up to!!



  1. It's so tough when you think you're done but then have to make a couple more blocks! But I am loving what you've done so far and I think the last two blocks will make it just perfect!! This will be a treasured quilt I"m sure!

  2. Oh Gina I'm so impressed with your effort on this one so far - you're like the little train that could! I'm cheering you on all the way from Perth :)

  3. OH my gosh it's looking fabulous! I'm sooooo tempted to make something for my god daughter with these blocks! Maybe a wall hanging!?!?!?

  4. Oh, Gina, it looks fabulous!!!!! I love the result!!! I know, you will have to make some blocks, but it looks very nice in this time! :) Great job!!!

  5. Oh it's looking so pretty! And your Aladdin block is absolute perfection! Love the Constellations for the background, such a perfect choice! *note to self, must buy up all that print!
    Sleeping Beauty is lovely as well! But those book blocks... just fantastic!
    I may need to make a whole quilt of just the books!

    1. I think you are right about an entire book quilt!

  6. gina, this is just priceless! what are you going to do with it?! as much as I believe quilts are made to be loved and used, i'm afraid for this one! wall hanging, maybe? I love the book blocks. eek!!! and your Aladdin fabric choices are perfect. yay for kid picks and vacuuming inspiration.

  7. Love these blocks. Has the genie appeared from the lamp yet?!

  8. It's awesome! And you should totally make more blocks - it's going to rock. I've no kids, but I'd even be tempted back to paper piecing in order to make one just for me! Really beautiful and inspiring :)

  9. ...I am super jel of this storytime creation. Absolutely whimsically stunning job :)

  10. Oh it's amazing! This quilt is going to win awards! You should enter it in the county fair if you have one- it's amazing!!

  11. cute, I want to do this set, I am a big fan of Quite play PP

  12. Ooo! This is going to be gorgeous no matter how big it ends up being!

  13. You are nearly there! This is going to such a wonderful quilt when all these blocks are complete.

  14. Oh these are all so great together and the two new block additions are so fabulous. Gina this is such an unique quilt because of all the fabrics chosen.