Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Funday

I had a birthday last week and even though it is a day I would like to pull the covers over my head and hide from I have to share the fun stuff a couple of my sewing friends sent me. I was very spoiled!! Kristy's package arrived first. She had wrapped it in the most beautiful fabric, a line called Fox Hollow. I had hemmed and hawed and put that fabric in and out of so many shopping carts. I am kicking myself for not ordering some because the strawberries are so sweet as are all of the illustrations. All's well that ends well, though, as I am the proud owner of a piece of Fox Hollow :). That was only the wrapping!! 

Inside the wrapping was this special mini quilt. I have been loving low volume backgrounds with high volume foregrounds so this scrappy little number suits me to a T!! It's my favorite colors and has my favorite strawberry. Kristy is always so clever and i love how she used a berry for the "O".

She also sent some fabric. I love both pieces she sent but the pink background print is extra fun as my strawberry girl had some knit jammies made from that print that she has long ago outgrown. I will have fun making her something that she can't outgrow with the piece Kristy sent. 

The berry on top were these sweet pins she sent from Pinks and Needles on Etsy. I have admired that shop for years but have never splurged and ordered from there. She makes so many cute pins all full of such detail on a very tiny scale.
Kristy also sent the girls some Australian animal cards which they have really enjoyed! I am so touched by Kristy's thoughtfulness. I adore her and am blessed to call her friend even though she is continents and time zones away from me. Thank you so much Kristy for this amazing gift. The wall hanging is brightening one of my kitchen walls.
The next day a package with all sorts of fun stamps arrived from Canada which could only mean it was from Nicole. i had some serious fun opening this one. I pulled this gorgeous wide open zip pouch from the envelope and a whole bunch of candy fell out too. I love the combination of the herringbone fabric with the AMH Field Study.


I opened the zip to find a fun note. Nicole knows I love all things Sarah Jane and we met each other in the Sarah Jane flickr group.

Inside this zip was a fabric wrapped something. Do my friends have the best wrapping fabric or what? I would say yes!! I am using the smaller zip for my make-up bag and the large zip for a hand sewing project so I can carry it around with me.

At the bottom was this awesome cloud print (and i think you already know how much I love clouds!).  The scale of the clouds is perfect for paper piecing. There was also a block that Nicole made for her Penny Sampler quilt that ended up not quite fitting in. I loved this block and told her so. The dots and the aqua woodgrain make a fabulous duo. I think Nicole works with Santa because every time i tell her I love something she has it lands on my door step. The block is lying on my sewing table so I can look at it frequently until i decide which project to use it in. The Hand Drawn Garden AMH print is another print I love so much and didn't have...until now. It is such a beautiful print! Another one of those prints that looks pretty on the computer screen but even more beautiful in real life.

This is what was inside the wrapping...Waterfront Park birds (which I love!!) and some Art Gallery squares which I also love!! Yes, I was completely spoiled!!!

Nicole also made this teeny tiny itsy bitsy pin cushion. I think she and Kristy conspired because this cushion and the strawberry pins are a match made in heaven.

I have to show you the back of the cushion because it is so cute! It has been a very fun weekend with family and friends. I have been treated to lunch the past three days. Now it is time to get down to some serious sewing! Happy Monday!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Your presents are adorable! x Teje

  2. Spoiled indeed! Kristy's mini is gorgeous, and the pins are perfect!
    Too funny that both of us used fabric for gift wrap, great minds!
    I'm glad you like everything! And i'm really glad you had a great birthday!

  3. What a wonderfully happy birthday! Such thoughtful friends :) I splurged on some squared elements last week in a lqs...well 4 hours away "local" :) It is so exciting to me to see prints in person, it is so infrequent for me...but it makes my pulse race :) Happy birthday Gina!

  4. Oh my gosh, little strawberry pins! What a treasure to be in such an amazing group. I never want a gift in wrapping paper again! Unless it's fabric, wrapped in paper...lovely! I'm glad you had a great Friday and got lots of fun Friday presents:)

  5. Happy belated Birthday! You have the best quilty friends!

  6. What sweet friends! Happy Birthday, Gina!

  7. Hapy birthday to you!
    Your gifts are gorgeous and joyful!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  8. What sweet friends!! Happy Birthday. :)

  9. Such treasures and blessings! Happy Belated!

  10. Oh, so much lovely presents!!!! :) :)
    Have a nice time! Jola

  11. I love that somehow Nicole and I managed to match our gifts a little without any conspiracy happening at all! hehe!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, my lovely friend!! xx

  12. Happy belated birthday, Gina! What a fun way to celebrate... opening these awesome presents!!
    Have a wonderful year ahead, filled with tons of sewing!!


  13. Such beautiful gifts! I feel bad now cos I didn't send you anything ;) So glad you had a wonderful day! xx

  14. Happy Birthday Gina!!! Wishing you all the very best for many years to come and plenty more fun surprises! You have wonderful and very thoughtful friends who sent you really nice and lovely presents. What a treat! :-)

  15. Quilty friends are the best-est! Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday, looks like your quilty friends really hit the spot with their packages.