Monday, November 11, 2013

Tuesday Show and Share

I had a very fun surprise last week when I received an email from Amy saying my Fairy Tale quilt had won the Group/Bee Quilt category in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It was the first time i had participated and there were so many awesome quilts to see. It was a fun event to participate in! Thanks to everyone who voted for my quilt and thanks to the Wombats for making blocks and thank you Kristy for making all of the patterns (except for the Alyce's castle and Gemma's block).

Have you ever used a fabric you love with another fabric you love to get a quilt block you don't like? That's what happened to me. Wendi asked for pink and green tumble blocks with low volume backgrounds for our Cheer circle at do.Good Stitches this month using this tutorial. I thought a little Nursery Versery would be cute in a little girls quilt but this print is a low volume and gets lost in the low volume background. I thought that the bright orange, green, and red colors in the print prevented it from being low volume but the taupe and gray mice as well as the pinkish, gray background make it low volume. This block didn't fit the bill so I made a different one to replace it.

This was the first block I made as I knew Briar Rose was bright and fun and a favorite of mine and hopefully it will be a favorite of the girl who gets this quilt and bring her a little sunshine.
I pulled out some of my well loved Children at Play to replace the Nursery Versery block.
November is Marieka's month to be Queen and she chose a tree theme and asked for fruit trees to match what she has in her orchard. I chose to make her an apple tree but was heavily influenced by our fall season so the apples have fallen to the ground. I think the white circles in the Heirloom fabric for the tree are the spots where the apples used to be. Of course, there is a happy little bluebird singing Marieka a song, too.

This special purse arrived this weekend from sweet Jola. I love this purse so much for the fall colors it brought during fall and because i love Granny squares. Learning to crochet is definitely on my bucket list so to receive a crocheted item is so nice because it is something that I could never create myself even though I would like to.

Jola filled the bag with sweet treats.

She sent some yummy hard candies which my kids ate in less than a day and some of her delicious Czech chocolate too. Hmmm, I kind of forgot about that chocolate bar. The kids must have eaten that too as it seems to have gone missing.

Jola has a very good eye for cute notions and sent these pretty charms as well as adorable little house and bird buttons. I am looking forward to adding these to projects!

The inside lining is as pretty as the outside with a sweet floral and mushroom print; so sweet. Thank you Jola for your sweet, thoughtful gifts and for making my birthday last a little longer! Linking up today with Alyce for Sew Cute Tuesday.
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  1. Congrats on your win!!! It truly is a beautiful quilt - even better when many hands had a part in its design. Love your tree block - especially the ruler trunk - adorable!!!

  2. Congratulations Gina a well deserved win. By rights that first Bee block should have been ideal but it just didn't click did it? Love the replacements, Love the crochet bag too wonder what happened to the bar of chocolate :)

  3. That quilt will win anything you enter it in:) I love the bag, and the buttons- you are so love able you just get spoiled:)

  4. Love that pic of the quilt with your gorgeous girl! So exciting to see it win G!

    Your blocks look great - shame the mice went into hiding on the first one!

    Lovely crochet bag and goodies too! What fun mail!

  5. That crochet bag is lovely, enjoy using it! And congrats on your quilt win.

  6. Congratulations!! It is a super awesome collaborative quilt. So delighted you won! Totally see what you mean about the first block, but it led you to make two really lovely blocks :) x

  7. Oh, Gina, it si great!!! Congratulations!!!! Wonderful! :)
    Your blocks are really lovely. The second block is more distinct, but both of these blocks are really very nice! And the block with tree... very good idea with the apples under the tree :)
    Oh, I am really very happy that the goodies made the lovely day for you and for your children too :) ***
    Have a wonderful time!!! Jola

  8. Congrats, Gina! Your win is so well deserved! Love that new granny square tote as well!

  9. Congratulations Gina - your quilt is so beautiful :-)

  10. I love your apple tree, what a clever trunk! The notions and buttons are so cute, lots to play with.

  11. I'm so happy that you won! And that shot with your little gal is way too cute! Love your blocks as well, though i see what you mean about the Nursery Versery print getting lost in that first one. The second though, wow. I would love a whole quilt like that, the same background print and alternating Briar Rose prints, perfect! And you can never go wrong with some Children at Play!

  12. Congratulations! Your quilt is gorgeous!

  13. Congratulations Gina! Well deserved! Love your apple tree block.

  14. GINA! That is so wonderful! Many congrats on a well deserved win! It really is a special quilt, I'm glad to see it got top honors.