Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Labels, a Little How To

I do not put a label on everything I make but sometimes a label or tag make a nice finishing touch. If you sell handmade items you can do a search on Etsy and there are many places to find custom made labels. There are options between printed or woven but it seems a lot of the labels are made on twill. Having a custom label will give your hand made item a special and polished touch; it also serves as a little advertisement.

Since I do not sell items I just put together a little hand made label and have done it a couple of different ways. I have never photographed my process so instead of being a how to this is more of a how I did it. Labels are something that can be as simple or as complicated as you like. For the Quiet book that I made my daughter a couple of years ago I took a piece of canvas and stamped it with an acrylic stamp and StazOn ink (which is permanent) and then wrote on the tag with a Sharpie. I cut it with pinking shears so there would be no fraying then simply stitched around the shape to attach it to the book cover. Since this is not an item that would ever be washed this was plenty secure and would not come off.

I wanted the label on the pillow to be durable enough to withstand washing. I was too lazy to get the canvas out of a rubbermaid tub that it is kept in so I reached for muslin on the shelf. I cut about a 4x6 rectangle then pressed a piece of Wonder Under (heat and bond works well too) to the back. I used my Top Note die and ran it through my Sizzix machine to cut the label shape. I was going to stamp the sewing machine on this label, too, but came across the house stamp and opted to use it instead. I stamped it on the fabric with a light colored ink then embroidered it. Fun!! This is a gift so above the house I embroidered "To your house from mine {heart Gina}" along with the month and date. Next, I pressed the label onto the pillow back (before the pillow was stitched together). Lastly, I ran a stitch around the edges, mostly for decorative purposes but it does give it a little added security.

Although I do not have a photo I have also used twill ribbon ( i think it was 1/2"-5/8" wide) and stamped to:/from: and a little heart or decorative icon then stitched it down also.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Granny Pillow

I had made a couple of Granny Square bee blocks but still wanted to make a few more so I made a pillow. They are definitely fun blocks to make and i love picking out all sorts of different fabrics to use. I used this tutorial to make the blocks.

I backed it with a Lecien Flower Sugar print envelope enclosure.

Then finished it with a little embroidered tag. Happy Monday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

Today I am linking up with Kristy not once but twice! First, she is hosting a Let's Get Acquainted Link Up. She is sharing two more reverse applique canvases that I love and want to make myself. I hope you will share and link up what you have been making too!

I finished up my April And Sew On block of the month that Kristy has been hosting. I love these blocks and they have been so much fun to make. The April block "Snip it Real Good" is available for free in her Craftsy shop until the end of April so you still have some time to download it. Once you stitch it together you can link up for a chance to win some great prizes or you can go there to check out everyone's version of the block. As you can see for January's block I did not make the correct printing settings so that block is smaller than the others. I haven't decided if I will remake it or leave it as is and log cabin it to bring it up to size. I am leaning towards the log cabin wrap.

At the beginning of the month I made two Granny square blocks for my do.Good Stitches circle but that was not enough to get them out of my system. I am making a pillow using 4 blocks this time and hope that will be enough to get them out of my system so today is all about cutting. I am not fond of cutting 2.5" squares but find it worth it in the end. I wish I had a die to do the work for me :).

This week is Kid's Clothes Week at Elsie Marley which I have participated in the past couple of years but after sewing along with Project Run and Play I feel like I have some lingering projects to start and finish before I make any more kids clothes. I did order the Roller Skate dress which will arrive later this week so I may change my mind about making a dress when that comes; I think that pattern will see a lot of use! Back to this stack of fabric...it has been sitting around for far too long. My baby turns 2 in a couple of weeks and I pulled this stack to make a doll carrier. As soon as I finish the pillow this is the next project I would like to start. Hope your week is off to a great start!
Lets Get Acquainted

Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday- Seems Like Yesterday

Seems like yesterday when they put you in my arms and said, "It's a boy!" and now here we are and you will be 18 tomorrow. Unbelievable. It has been a fun journey full of good, some bad or at least hard times, lots of laughs, and a few tears. You have taught me a lot.; like flexibility and maybe I don't need to get excited under stressful conditions as things can be resolved just the same when I am calm. You make us laugh every day. You are right. As the oldest you have been somewhat of a guinea pig as we have learned how to be parents. I think it has been a success though, as we have made it through those teen years and we like each other :). Thanks for being the easiest first kid I could have ever had. We are proud of you and your easy going, fun-loving ways with a streak of stubborn on the side. Happy Birthday E we love you!! xxoo
p.s. for old times sake why did the turkey cross the road?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

For the final week of Project Run and Play the theme is Spring Formal Wear,  an Easter outfit, spring wedding, or a dressy tea party. We do not have any formal events coming up and I wanted to make something that could be worn so I went with a tea party outfit. I pinned a skirt awhile back that I wanted to make my version of so that was my starting point. Here is the pin. 

The back of the suspenders button inside the skirt. This week I did make the pin tucks {as opposed to last week when I did a tuxedo shirt refashion}. I cut a piece of fabric that was 2 inches wider and longer than necessary, made the pin tucks then cut out the piece. I used separate piece of fabric for each suspender, waistband, and pockets. It was a bit time consuming but I felt that would be easier than making pin tucks on a whole yard of fabric.

The back closes with a button and a zipper. My daughter is completely infatuated with fairy tales right now so I used a Little Red Riding Hood print from Kokka that I bought a couple of years ago. I only had a half a yard but was wishing I had another yard of it to line the inside of a cape. It really is a darling print! The suspenders and rest of the skirt are made from linen.

I added some vintage lace across the top of the pockets.

For the suspenders I  used Simplicity 8755. I didn't use this pattern for the rest of the skirt because it is a size too big. I thought the suspenders would be fine but they are too wide and I need to cut them down but I am out of sewing time for this week. My oldest turns 18 (yikes, how did that happen?!) and we will be hosting dinner for about 25 family members and friends Friday night so I need to get ready for that. Usually with older patterns they are already cut out but this one was still factory folded. I used Simple Simon and Co. Vintagely Modern Skirt tutorial for the skirt dimensions. You can go here to see all of the creative and beautiful clothes the sew-alongers have made this week. I love to see what all the others make and Project Run and Play is a great show and share forum. It has been a lot of fun sewing along the past 4 weeks but i think I will make a quilt or a non-clothing item next week. :) 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


By the end of last week it was nearly 80 degrees here. Then the weekend came and with it came some rain clouds and a freezing cold wind with temps down to the 60's. I did not have a chance to sew this weekend but i did do a little sowing.

I like to keep a little garden journal. This one is new for this year. I have one I have been keeping for the past 8 years but I could't find it...until I started this one.

We had quite a few places to go and people to see this week end so I only had time to plant the herbs and tomatoes. The veggies, poppy, and raspberry plant will have to wait until I finish sewing for this week's Project Run and Play.

For the past 5 or so years I have been planting various heirloom tomatoes.  I am always good about writing what I plant. But then I never seem to get around to writing down which plants were good producers or not so good so I know which plants to buy in the future.

Last year our garden did not grow very well. This year we have new topsoil (we live on a rock so nothing but weeds will grow in the dirt around our house.) and plenty of fertilizer so hopefully the plants will grow well and make lots of veggies!!

One last shot of the poppy because I love it; it is our state flower. Hope you are having a good week!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday- The Girl Likes Her Boots

When I took the pictures of Cole this week it made me think back to a couple of years ago when I took some other pictures of her in boots.

Back when she was little and toothless.

When there were just 3 girls instead of 4.

I take pictures almost every day of every day moment type stuff but once in awhile it is nice to get some posed shots too. Time flies and this week has gone especially fast. My kids have a countdown going for the end of school and there are not that many days left.

Have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's All In the Details

This is week 3 at Project Run and Play and the theme was "It's All In the Details" leaving a wide scope to play. The PRP blog said this, "Just a few carefully placed details can change the look of an entire outfit (taking clothing from drab and ordinary to something special and extraordinary.) And let's face it details are fun to add... it's like icing on the cake!" I had to quote them since I could not have said it better and couldn't agree more.
Before this season of PRP began and I had decided I would sew along for the whole season this time I decided I would be sewing for my 3 year old. She follows direction {most of the time} and likes the camera {most of the time} and is home all the time so it would be easier to make alterations and do the photo shoot during the day. But Coley Girl has been so excited about PRP. She has gone with me the past couple of weeks to take pictures. She always wants to know what I am sewing, where I will take pictures, etc that I decided to use her this week. Last week we talked about potential places to take pictures and we talked about maybe doing some with our neighbors horse so the blouse I was going to be making became her cowgirl shirt.
I enjoy a simple style and do simple sewing but I love a special detail! I used a simple A-line shape for this blouse and a similar sleeve detail as I used on the cuff of the Good Neighbor dress.

I added vintage lace to the bottom of the blouse and cotton eyelet to the bottom of the skirt. The skirt fabric came from the feed sack/30's reproduction section of a local quilt store. I added ties to the blouse to help define the shape.

Then there are pintucks and vintage buttons.

Next to using vintage patterns, vintage notions are my favorite and something I look for at antique and thrift stores.

The best part is she likes the outfit and it is one she can wear often this spring and summer.
Yes, details are like icing on the cake!! Whether it be buttons, hand stitching, applique, ruffles, lace , or whatever is your preference.

p.s. and to make those pin tucks I refashioned a men's tuxedo shirt.When I saw it at the thrift store a couple of months back it had to come home with me :). Refashioning this shirt was fun! I had enough fabric to make the sleeve ruffles and ties but used store bought bias tape around the neckline. Once again there has been some amazing clothing sewn up this week!! Check it out here.

Friends Around the World Make the World Go 'Round

My son came in the door the other evening and said, Mom, you have an envelope from the Czech Republic." Right away I knew it was from Jola and thought, " how sweet, she has sent me a card!" But then my son handed me the envelope and I saw it was much more than a card. (do you see those darling stamps? )

She made the most beautiful zip pouch; beautiful inside and out!

Inside the zip pouch a needle book was tucked away and a darling post card.

She had blogged these projects and I remember thinking at the time what a sweet friend she was to give hand made gifts and how lucky the recipient was. Never did i guess these beautiful things were coming to me!! (oh how i love that mint green zip!)

Jola always adds sweet details to her projects like cute buttons, darling tags, and pretty charms.

She is especially talented at combining prints and patterns. Not only does she share her crafty projects but she she shares beautiful photos on her blog too!

Thank you dear Jola for your friendship and for the sweet surprise of happy mail!! For not only did you send a present out of the blue for no reason but you sent a hand made gift which is the very best kind!!