Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Thanksgiving Standstill

I brought out my Field Study quilt that I stopped working on when I started the Fairy Tale quilt but it has mostly hung lonely over the chair.

I decided to serge the seams after reading Rachel's post. Since this is an after thought and not the plan from the beginning it is a tenuous task since there are seams under seams. I made a hole in a small part of the backing when I ran over a seam buried in a seam so I lost steam. Once I finish my Secret Santa gift and post it off to far away lands Field Study will get my full concentration as I would like to gift this quilt for Christmas (since I didn't birthday gift it back in July.)

I am also making some kids place mats for Christmas and am going with a woodland theme. I love woodland animals and hope the recipients do to. This embroidery will be surrounded by a patchwork frame. Place mats are a fun project!

Here is a little sneak peak of a cushion I am working on. It was one of those projects I was working on for fun when I should have been working on something else.

I seem to be having more starts than finishes lately but here is a Mr. Fox placemat which I used  my friend's fun tutorial. Chrissy also has a fun pattern to make a panda placemat too. Besides the sewing works in progress would include baking and cleaning. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who will be celebrating tomorrow!!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Quilts for Kids and Cushions

You can read about La La Salama over at Alyce's blog here. To summarize the project here is an excerpt from Alyce's blog: 
LalaSalama quilt for Kenya
The aim for this project is to provide a special quilt for every child’s bed in the new Bethany Kids Children’s Center at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya.  This building is scheduled to be complete in mid-2014 and will serve vulnerable children all over East Africa with medical and surgical conditions, especially Spina Bifida and birth defects.
The theme for the wing is going to be “The River of Life” with teal/blue-based common halls and nursing area, but the river ends at each little patient bay, which will be a green “Island of Hope”. Each patient bay (between 2 and 8 beds) will have a green theme as a soothing place of rest for both boys and girls. They hope to have a handmade quilt for each of the beds, and this is where we come in! They would really love 100 quilts from around the world, each different and unique.
The photo at the top is my Kona solids I will be using and I will add in a few prints as well. I am still considering what pattern to use and I will be starting this quilt the beginning of the New Year. They have a commitment of 60+ quilts so far towards their goal of 100.
How are you doing with your Christmas sewing? If you need any cushion making inspiration the place to be come December 1 is over at Ms. Midge. She will be doing a Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop and here is the line up:
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Thursday 5th December - Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts
Friday 6th December - Fiona at Finding Fifth
Saturday 7th December - Abby at Things For Boys

Take a breath……

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Saturday 14th December - Round up of Blog Hop and link up YOUR projects!
Ms Midge
I am excited to be participating in this blog hop and the wheels of my mind have been turning with ideas since Midge told me about it. Actually, she inspired me with this cushion she made. I have wanted to make a cushion since seeing it. I love the design, quilting, and colors! Not only is Midge an awesome piecer but she is also a talented quilter so be sure to check it out and link up a cushion of your own! The cushion can be holiday related or not. Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving 2010

Next week, here in the U.S. we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. It is my very favorite holiday. One of my sisters and I alternate hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like to reflect on all that I am thankful for and my family is a fun group to spend time with. My kids always have fun with their cousins and it is a relaxing day with a yummy meal. In 2010 it was my turn for Thanksgiving. Looking back at these pictures I can not believe the changes my kids have gone through in 3 short years! Little Coley girl lost a tooth Thanksgiving Day. 

My sisters and I always play Scrabble. All of the kids want to play with us but the game only accommodates 4 so they brought out Yatzee.

My current 4 year year old was just over 1 and my current high school freshman was just a little guy too.

My nephew always brings along his guitar and is very entertaining.

My kids are off school next week but I am hoping to get a post. Hope you have a fun weekend!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Flashback Friday:Happy Birthday Twins!

Nine years ago we were blessed with twin baby girls and there hasn't been a dull moment ever again. The stomach flu made its way into our home and one by one , it has been making rounds on our family. I am hoping we can make it through the parties we have planned without losing one of our stars to sickness!
Our girls are so different and yet are the perfect compliment to each other. They are independent of each other but very, very close.

They are both creative and love to play make believe games and "make" houses out of rocks and things outside setting up their own little kingdoms. They play together a lot but then play with their other siblings too. Dress up has been a daily part of life since they were big enough to dress themselves and they are still trying to squeeze into costumes they wore when they were 2 or 3

They are always up for an adventure and have lots of energy.

They are both very social. They might be shy for about 30 seconds but are quick to make friends.

They do love all things glittery and girly but they love to get dirty and ride motorcycles too.

So girlies, in honor of your 9th birthday I am going to tell you the top 9 things I love about you: Sparkly smiles, enthusiasm, kind heartedness, love to help others, you always include everyone in what you are doing whether you are at home or at school, your cute drawings you make me, your love of learning, your creativity in all you do, and most of all I love you for being you!! Happy Birthday precious girls!! We love you!    xxoo

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tuesday Show and Share

I had a very fun surprise last week when I received an email from Amy saying my Fairy Tale quilt had won the Group/Bee Quilt category in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It was the first time i had participated and there were so many awesome quilts to see. It was a fun event to participate in! Thanks to everyone who voted for my quilt and thanks to the Wombats for making blocks and thank you Kristy for making all of the patterns (except for the Alyce's castle and Gemma's block).

Have you ever used a fabric you love with another fabric you love to get a quilt block you don't like? That's what happened to me. Wendi asked for pink and green tumble blocks with low volume backgrounds for our Cheer circle at do.Good Stitches this month using this tutorial. I thought a little Nursery Versery would be cute in a little girls quilt but this print is a low volume and gets lost in the low volume background. I thought that the bright orange, green, and red colors in the print prevented it from being low volume but the taupe and gray mice as well as the pinkish, gray background make it low volume. This block didn't fit the bill so I made a different one to replace it.

This was the first block I made as I knew Briar Rose was bright and fun and a favorite of mine and hopefully it will be a favorite of the girl who gets this quilt and bring her a little sunshine.
I pulled out some of my well loved Children at Play to replace the Nursery Versery block.
November is Marieka's month to be Queen and she chose a tree theme and asked for fruit trees to match what she has in her orchard. I chose to make her an apple tree but was heavily influenced by our fall season so the apples have fallen to the ground. I think the white circles in the Heirloom fabric for the tree are the spots where the apples used to be. Of course, there is a happy little bluebird singing Marieka a song, too.

This special purse arrived this weekend from sweet Jola. I love this purse so much for the fall colors it brought during fall and because i love Granny squares. Learning to crochet is definitely on my bucket list so to receive a crocheted item is so nice because it is something that I could never create myself even though I would like to.

Jola filled the bag with sweet treats.

She sent some yummy hard candies which my kids ate in less than a day and some of her delicious Czech chocolate too. Hmmm, I kind of forgot about that chocolate bar. The kids must have eaten that too as it seems to have gone missing.

Jola has a very good eye for cute notions and sent these pretty charms as well as adorable little house and bird buttons. I am looking forward to adding these to projects!

The inside lining is as pretty as the outside with a sweet floral and mushroom print; so sweet. Thank you Jola for your sweet, thoughtful gifts and for making my birthday last a little longer! Linking up today with Alyce for Sew Cute Tuesday.
Sew Cute Tuesday

Friday, November 8, 2013

Flashback Friday: Fall Favorites

There are many things I love about fall and one of them is the changing color of leaves. When we built our house we planted a maple and that has been one of our most worthwhile purchases. Year after year we, or at least me, love to watch the colors change. Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And Sew On Grand Finale and Fun Mail

I finished my And Sew On mini but actually it is quite large finishing at 33x33". I hung it on the fireplace for pictures but will be hanging it in my sewing room which is not a good picture taking location. I put the sewing room in the center as that is the theme for this mini with all the parts of the sewing room encircling it. Kristy did a fabulous job on all the blocks; they were all fun to put together. I didn't think she would be able to top this years theme ... but she did! She has cooked up even bigger plans for 2014 with a vintage kitchen theme. If you would like to learn how to paper piece or get better at this skill I would highly recommend you join in the fun!

A month or so ago Larisa made a beautiful tea towel inspired by the strawberry tea towel I had made. I commented on how pretty the fabric she had used and she offered to send me some. Not only did she send me a big cut of the lavender fabric but she also sent a pin cushion, another cute bee print, and a fat quarter with some flowers that are native to her country.  
The fabric I had commented on was this print. It is a very nice linen type of home dec fabric. Both Larisa and I tried to find it somewhere on the internet with no luck so I am very appreciative of Larisa's kindness. I have plans for this fabric.Thank you so much Larisa, you are so sweet!! I really enjoy Larisa's blog and all the beautiful stitching she does.
Another fabulous friend sent an awesome package this week! Mindy and I decided to swap some economy blocks. Along with her blocks she sent some cute strawberry fabric, the cutest house ornaments, labels to put on gifts, and an incredible Lotta Jansdotter dish.
Lotta is one of my favorite designers and it makes my heart kind of skip a beat to see her designs on dishes. I think her designs are perfect for ceramics as well as fabric. I haven't decided if this dish will make it to the sewing room to hold pins and bobbins, etc or if it will stay in the kitchen or a family room shelf. 

Here are all the cute blocks Mindy sent. Too many to pick one favorite!! Thank you so much to Mindy for this incredible, thoughtful package!! So, my friends have been making adorable things now it is my turn. Real life is really busy leaving little time for me to sew so I am feeling like I need to turn into the Christmas groundhog. I need to go into a hole in the ground and not come up until I can see my shadow or all the gifts I want to make for Christmas are done. I am feeling very behind!! I hope you are having a great week!!
Linking up to Quiet Play's Show and Tell And Sew On BOM where you can see what everyone did with their blocks.