Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Comings and Goings

Remember this little stack from a couple weeks ago?

It turned into this and the recipient should be receiving it any time now. The dandelion embroidery pattern came from While Wearing Heels. I used my friend Amy's awesome sewing kit tutorial to make the sewing kit. I have used both this tute and the one to make a patchwork kit and I love them both; it is a very fun sew!

The inside can be used to accommodate a paper piecing project or embroidery.
On to more goings I have finished my bee blocks for the month. Jane is Queen for March. She asked  Kristy to draw up a stationery block which was inspired from an Australian stationery story called Smiggle. It is a cute store and all products in the store are based in groups of 5 colors (don't quote me on that number as we do not have the store here in the U.S.). Each of us chose one of the Smiggle colors plus Jane added a couple of rainbow blocks. She wanted the blocks with the single color to be monochromatic. As you can see, I chose green. The lined fabric is a notebook and going clockwise, there is an eraser, a pencil holder with scissors and pencils then 3 pens lying to the side. It was a fun block to make and I am looking forward to seeing what Jane makes with the blocks.

For do.Good Stitches this month the quilter requested a low volume 9 patch with a blue center as well as a blue wonky star block using this tutorial. These blocks were both very fun to make. I love all things with stars :)

I received this little cutie in the mail the other week from Susie. She was my partner in a strawberry swap last summer and this was a strawberry she wanted to send too but she didn't have the pattern then.

It is a sweet scissor keeper which she even sent a pair of scissors in! It has pretty beads sewn on like the cushion she made me and I love the embroidery. Thanks so much Susie!!

Here are my Susie goodies altogether except the key fob which is kind of dirty after all the use it gets day after day :)

My friend Amy won this jelly roll of Anna Maria Horner's True Colors last month. Amy sews kid's clothes for her daughter, niece, and nephews, oh, and her American Girl dolls. She is always making me laugh and is one of the sweetest people ever! She couldn't see herself ever using a jelly roll so she sent it to me. What a sweet surprise that was and I will definitely be putting it to good use!

 Tina had a blog giveaway for her anniversary and I won this fat quarter stack of Pearl Bracelets. These are another great blender I love to mix in projects as they can mix and match with so many fabric lines.

Maybe these two could even work together?!


  1. The dandelion is fabulous! You have been one lucky lady with new fabric and giftys lately - I wonder what magic you will make with your winnings???

  2. I didn't know you read While Wearing Heels...Amy does the cutest stuff with hand embroidery. Your piecework is pretty! (Is piecework a word in quilting?!) I definitely think your fabrics will work with the jelly roll:) for someone who doesn't get tons of sewing time in, you sure do get a lot done!!!

  3. Gina, you posted too many lovely pics! Congrats to your really very nice win :) Your paper pieced block is wonderful, and of course - my favourite wonky star: great! :)
    Have a wonderful time! Jola

  4. There's a lot of good stuff there. My favorites are the dandelion embroidery and the pieced scissors. Fantastic!

  5. All of your creations are fabulous, Gina! I am drooling, again!

  6. Lovely hand work there Gina on the dandelion :) and some fabulous fabric scores as well! You've been busy :)

  7. Well haven't you been the busy beaver! Love that sewing kit, and your dandelion is awesome! Your bee blocks are pretty sweet too! That's going to be an awesome quilt, i may need to 'borrow" that idea. Great work with Jane's block as well. I'll definitely need to check out that quilt too!
    And True Colors and Pearl Bracelets... lucky, lucky you!!

  8. The bundle turned into "oh how cute!" And how exciting to receive all that wonderful fabric in the mail, with a strawberry on top!!! What a yummy post :)

  9. such a cute embroidery set, and lovely winnings :-)

  10. I love that sewing set and I'm sure your recipient will too!
    And my smiggle block, oh!

  11. You have been giving and receiving lots of Happy mail Gina, the strawberry scissor keeper is so cute and I must check out the embroidery site too.

  12. You are sew sweet.... so you deserve all of the fabric and goodies you get!
    I LOVE the blocks that you made, the sewing kit and the embroidered dandelion potholder! All spectacular and so "Gina " !! They are inspiring, and I so copy your brilliant projects!!

    hugs, Susie

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