Friday, March 14, 2014

Flashback Friday: My Favorite Signs of Spring

The sun moving closer and feeling warmer,

Checking the pool temperature and the wheelbarrow,


my blooming daffodils,

a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun,

new buds on our Red Maple tree,

fresh cut tulips,

all the weeds are green instead of brown,

so many trees in bloom,

puffy, white clouds.

Then in late spring there are the wild garlic that blooms and
our lilac trees. Photos taken between 2007-2012.
Happy Friday!!!


  1. beautiful! I miss spring, especially daffodils!

  2. Is that your little barn? I love the fence...I would just love that view! Are you planting anything this year? I have some onions & strawberries but I'm scared to put the strawberries out yet. Spring is peeking out here and there, but I don't feel like it's official until my irises bloom:) any day now!

  3. Oh, I can't wait for Spring! Flowering trees make me so happy. We had a huge weeping cherry in front of our first house.

  4. I shall live vicariously through your photos! We are still covered in mounds of snow!! I can`t wait to see something green, anything!

  5. So beautiful spring in your side of the world :) Have a lovely and spring weekend, Gina :)

  6. What beautiful pictures!! They are stunnning! They must bring you beautiful memories...
    You take such professional photos, Gina!!


  7. Fabulous images of Spring Gina. A bank of daffodils on a sunny day is hard to beat!

  8. mmmm! so nice...I can almost smell those lilacs :)

  9. What stunning photos and I am so impressed with your stitching skills, your 'New York' piece looks amazing!

  10. Thank you for sharing lovely photos! I love Spring and miss all the true signs of it so much. The warmth of the sun, trees covered in blossoms and lilacs are my favourite signs too.

  11. Daffodils are my favorite! Lovely pictures as always. :)