Friday, May 23, 2014

Vintage May: Strawberry Fields Forever

May is a very busy month full of out of traveling to basketball tournaments for my younger son so going into the month I knew sewing wise, it would be smaller projects for me. One of my favorite sewing series during May is Vintage May hosted by Craftiness Is Not Optional and Skirt As Top. I love vintage clothing styles and it has been too long since I have made any kids clothes so I really wanted to sew up a vintage inspired outfit during the course of this series. Actually, I have 4 vintage patterns I would like to sew up but I am time poor and am happy for the one I made.

Known fact: if there is strawberry fabric, I will buy it, so I did not stand a chance  against this  this fabric made by Birch Fabrics called Every Day Party. I ordered the fabric before I had decided on a pattern and was barely able to squeeze out what I needed. I think the fabric has a vintage vibe to it and wanted to use it for my Vintage May make.

I usually prefer old vintage patterns because of their details and nice finish {and they are already cut out most of the time} but when I saw the Lotta dress pattern from Compagnie M I wanted to make it! I love the collar detail, the back closure options, and my favorite detail is...

...the different pocket options. We all know that the pockets are the kids' favorite detail in a piece of clothing.

There are a few strawberry fields open this time of year where we live and my Strawberry girl loves strawberries so that is where I decided to go and get some pictures of her new dress. I am sure the guy at the stand thought I was a little crazy but my girl and I had a fun together talking and laughing. 4 year olds ponder things like what would it be like if she got to fly into space and whether or not a rocket would be required or what would it be like if she had wings. I love the little peaks she gives me as to what she thinks about. She is always entertaining that is for sure!

I almost opted for the zipper closure in back but in the end chose the button placket to give the dress a more vintage feel. I had some vintage buttons in my stash but not 3 of one color so the buttons are a bit mismatched. I wanted the buttons on the front of the dress to contrast since they are a decorative element rather than functional and decided on navy blue.

I had never sewn a Compagnie M pattern before but it came together quickly and I like that the PDF came with a seam allowance or you could choose to print the pattern without the seam allowance if you wished. If I had blocks of time to sew it would probably take about 3 hours, but since I sew in 5 minute increments it took me about 5 days. I think choosing buttons was the toughest decision. I will be sewing this dress again as my daughter loves it and so do I.

I am not sure how many strawberries my girl ate while I took pictures but there were a lot of stems on the ground and her face and dress were covered with strawberry juice by the time we left. It rained on our way to the field and then on our way home so I was thankful we didn't get rained on while we were there.

After you take your daughter to the strawberry field you have to make strawberry jam, of course!

Both of my littles enjoyed mashing the berries.

We made a simple freezer jam recipe which does not require you to seal the jar. It  lasts up to a year in the freezer but we will eat it up long before then.

My last little finish for the week is a little needle book. I had a mini charm pack so I pieced some squares together then used a scrap of linen for the inside. A bit of wool felt for the page and this project was complete.

It was a good, busy week! If you live here in the U.S. I hope you enjoy the 3 day weekend!! Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday :)
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  1. Oh my goodness! How adorable! The dress looks perfect, and so cute! I love all the details! I wonder, will another dress require another trip to the strawberry patch? :) Very cute little needle case, too!

  2. she looks like she is having so much fun hanging out with you in the strawberry fields. Precious times and a very pretty dress :-)

  3. Gina, this dress is so cute and wonderful! Great job!! And the pics are so sweet as your strawberry jam :) Have a wonderful time with some little projects too :)

  4. So stinkin cute!!! And you know i always love your dresses! I wish i had girls so you could make them dresses, cause you've got time for that right?! It's funny, i was just eyeballing this fabric yesterday wishing i had some that i could send you! Love the pocket details and the buttons, just perfect! I wish we lived closer so your Strawberry gal and my Sammy could go to the first day of kindy together!
    Your jam looks delish by the way, and i love that needlebook!
    Have a great weekend away? home? whichever you and the Mr. decide on!

  5. Lovely dress Gina, great model too :) Isn't it a rule that the ratio of strawberries eaten to picked must be 50/50 :)

  6. Gina, this dress is so beautiful! I wish there was a pattern for a grown-up version - those strawberries and that little insect, gorgeous! Also, the concentration on your other daughter's face is delightful - what a good May activity :)

  7. Those little pockets are gorgeous, especially with the pop of blue with the button your chose. 4 is a terrific age isn't it?

  8. Gina, this dress is lovely! The fabric really has a vintage look. I absolutely love the details on the collar and on the most important part of the dress - the pockets. When I was little, I refused to wear clothes that did not have pockets. It was a "must have thing" for me. Seems like you had a wonderful time with your little one. Jam making is fun and eating it is even better. Cute little needle book, might make one too. Enjoy your long weekend!!!

  9. Such a beautiful dress! And I've never heard of freezer jam!??!! Off to google!

  10. Love this dress, Gina! Adorable!

  11. Love the photographs. Your helpers did a great job. That jam looks so tasty!