Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo Friday: I am Back to the State of Piles in Progres

Back in the days when I had 2 little boys the summer was a welcome reprieve to a slower pace. These days the summer is just as busy as the school year and I have yet to have a day to not have to be somewhere. Sewing time has been scarce but I do have some piles in progress more than works in progress :)

I am the Queen this month in my Wombat Stew group. I asked for feathers, geese, or arrows  using coral, pale pink, aqua, and a splash of golden yellow with a low volume background. The girls have made some beautiful blocks and I am looking forward to putting this quilt together.

I finished up my Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap project which needs to be mailed the first week of June. I will blog more about this once the recipient receives it and I have received mine.

I have chosen quite a few blocks to make for my Unnamed quilt . I do not have an exact plan for putting it together but will figure it out as I go.

The ironing board is home to a half finished dress and a dress  that needs to be cut out. I need to get going on the dress that is not cut out as my four year old needs to wear it next Friday.

I made each of the twins a new summer blouse and will blog about them next week during a patern tour.

This bag is home to a little Christmas project (there's no other space for it) I need to have done in a week and a half. It is a mix of embroidery and hand stitching, and felt.

All of my brain cells this week are working towards engraining principles of photography, specifically, focusing, into my brain. My brain felt like it was tied in knots earlier this week.  I signed up to be in a group where we evaluate each others photos that are taken according to an assignment. I did not read the assignment before I signed up for the group thinking it would be a great learning experience. How hard could it be to take a few photos and evaluate photos for others?!?! While I read the assignment I was having heart palpitations and sweaty palms wondering why I didn't read the assignment before committing to a group. The assignment includes doing things like front and back focus testing your lens, back button focusing, learning how to magnify pictures to 100%, A1 Servo, and all kinds of vocabulary that sends my mind into a tail spin. After reading things over and over and over again and participating in the  forum that is part of the class things might be sinking in a little.  I shot some photos today to practice learning all the new stuff from the class and I think my focus was better than it has ever been in the past. Practice really does make perfect and I am learning all kinds of new stuff. Karen is an excellent teacher and I can not say enough good things about her classes. Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Wow girl! You have so much on the go right now!
    I have no idea what that feels like, what with all my projects finished and blogged... snort! (i think it's been three weeks at least since i blogged! And what exactly are finished projects?, i'm unfamiliar with that term.)
    We need project elves to help with the sewing... no wait, the elves need to do the cleaning and cooking so we can do the fun stuff like sewing!
    I wish i could pop over and help you work through your piles of fantasticness, that would be awesome!
    Have a great weekend G!

  2. Oh Gina! Such a fun collection of "where things are, in real life" photos!!! And then I spot a favorite fabric on top of one of those piles, swoon! Have some fun with all this!! Wow!

  3. Wow, you are busy! Love your piles and boy can I relate to the bag holding the unfinished! School will be back in before we know it! Hold tight!

  4. You've got lots on the go there and it all sounds beautiful ... Photography vocab?! My brain started fizzing just reading your description! :)

  5. Wow, you have lots going on! I love your "at this moment snapshots". I too, have bags holding projects because I have nowhere else for them to go. I keep thinking I'm going to make really fun scrappy bags so they'll be held by cuteness, but then that would just add to my "project" list. I'll be watching to see all these projects come to life, and check out the pattern tour. I'm trying to get a few little girl dresses done for two little cuties around here. Oh, and your little mini is to pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend : )

  6. There's a lot to process in this post!! For someone without a lot of sewing time, you sure do manage to get a lot done. I gotta start with the twins new summer blouses. ???!!!! I CANNOT stand how cute those are, and I haven't even seen them yet. I'm dying over the embellishment. It's girly and kind of vintage and cowgirl chic. Reminds me of something I'd buy at the Buckle...for about $60! And also: I am so I'm
    Fessed you committed to a photography group. I can't talk myself I to that stuff...although I need to. I really love your opening photos. I've noticed lots of improvements in your photography. Photos of the kids have always looked good, but when you posted a while back...I think it was a tea towel or potholder; and you added some kitchen utensils as a prop...anyways- when I saw that photo I realized you were going all pro with the camera. I'm excited to see what you learn- I hope you share some of it. I can see you using quilting knowledge as a base for photography. Pushing colors, textures, and "low volume" backdrops. Ha!

  7. Yay for you digging in deeply to learn even more about your photography! You are already so good !!!
    Here's hoping you can find many small moments where you enjoy doing the things you love to do, this whole summer! Can't wait to see your projects in the wings...


  8. Oh, dear Gina, your are sooo busy! I hope, you can get some sewing time for you in the near future :) Have a nice time!! :) Jola

  9. I am loving your photography! The piles of fabric look delicious and I can't wait to see your blouses the little peek of them is so tantalizing. P.S. I have been doing so much "fabric" ironing, my husband asked me when I was actually going to start ironing clothes, lol.

  10. Looks like you have a busy few weeks ahead Gina, you have wonderful projects on the go. I can't wait to see the results of your work.
    The photography class sounds daunting but I have every confidence in you to ace those assignments :)