Friday, April 22, 2016

Strawberry Biscuit Blog Hop

Thank you for hopping over and joining me for my stop on Elea's Strawberry Biscuit Blog Hop. Kristyne over at Pretty By Hand is hopping today as well, so be sure to check out her beautiful make. I have been a fan of Elea's work since her first fabric collection and have made projects with each of her lines. I love her sweet, vintage themes and pretty, bright colors. I never have to think very long about what to make with her fabric. It is fabric that talks to me and tells me what to make. Although I have loved each of her fabric lines, Strawberry Biscuit is definitely my favorite because strawberries, vintage blue birds, and roses are a few of my very favorite things. I am so happy to be a part of this hop! There have been so many inspiring projects made and there are still so many more to come!!! 

For my project I made a growth chart. The current one we have is made of paper and is falling apart. It will remain treasured as we started it when the boys were small and it documents the girls" growth up to now as well. I started with a base of duck cloth and used the selvedge edges for the top and bottom of the chart. The weight of the duck cloth helps the chart "stick" to the wall and not flap in the breeze when someone walks by.
Next, I created a path using the grid/vintage blue bird print. For added texture I tore the edges of the grid fabric so there is a bit of fray and then stitched it to the duck cloth. The fray also goes along with the vintage theme. I used a section of vintage cloth measuring tape to do the measuring for us. After that I went to work to bring Elea's sweet animal characters to life using a combination of appliqué, thread sketching, and embroidery. Do you spy any Milk, Sugar, Flower?!? The characters are approximately 6" tall.
Once the characters were set on their path,  I sprinkled some music notes, strawberries, and clouds along the way so they were at home on the growth chart just as they were on Elea's fabric.
My husband is very supportive of my crafting/sewing endeavors. He always checks out what I am making and always gives me his opinion when I am stuck. He always gives good advice too.  He pitched in on this project and made the hanger for me using A Beautiful Mess DIY poster hanger tutorial. The hanger made a nice finish and works great even though this project is heavier than a poster.
For the rose border I applied Wonder Under to the rose print and fussy cut them. I fused the bottom layer directly onto the duck cloth. I wanted to add dimension so I added a second  layer of roses and stitched them in inconspicuous places. Enough that they would stay on but allowing the edges to be loose and curl.
My Strawberry Girl loves this new addition to her room and we are looking forward to tracking all of the girls growth in the years to come!! 

Next up I made a smaller project. Tea parties and picnics have always been a favorite activity at our house. We have had our fair share of tea sets and had this well loved basket lying around as the pieces of the tea set have disappeared or broke through the years. The inside fabric was pretty yucky! Strawberry Biscuit reminds me of tea parties and picnics so I thought it would be perfect to give this old basket a fresh update! 

First, I used my favorite print in the red color way to reline the basket. It did the trick and made the basket as good as new, even better because now it has strawberries.. For this DIY  I cut out the old fabric and used it as a pattern for the new. I stitched the new lining in by hand with invisible thread. 

Next I took bits and pieces of Strawberry Biscuit and applied it to sheets of heavy duty adhesive.
Then I cut out the shapes. I had a blank ceramic tea set that you get to paint yourself so I applied my Strawberry Biscuit "stickers" and added a few stripes and polka dots with paint.  I made a quick set of napkins to finish the project up. So simple and fun!!

Voila!! Our very own custom Strawberry Biscuit tea set.
My girls had to try the tea set out with a little picnic in our back yard after school. The tea set has been played with every day since. No broken pieces..... yet!
I also freshened up our tea table by recovering the chairs in the beautiful rose print. I have recovered the chairs a few times over the past 9 years with home dec fabric. A friend suggested I Scotchguard the chairs; I am going to take her advice so the fabric will last a very long time, or at least until Elea's next fabric line comes out!!!

There have been so many inspiring projects on the Blog Tour and there will be many more next week! The Strawberry Biscuit Blog Hop will resume on Monday. I will be hopping over to visit Taunja at Carried Away Quilting as well as Amanda at JediCraft Girl. I hope to see you there!!!!